Destiny 2 best stats

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Destiny 2 Discuss all things Destiny 2. Forum Sub-Category. Post a Poll. Question Post. Posted by. Destiny 2. Help Forums. Is that the highest a piece can go?

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Comment Reply Start Topic. Post History Loading, please wait. This may take some time The highest base stat I have is 69, on wings of sacred dawn followed by base stat of 68 on helm of Saint NOTE: I have had great success with un-focussed umbral engrams. This season I have gotten about pieces of exotic armor, including the helm of saint with the base stat of Most of my exotic pieces that drop from the umbral engrams seem to fall with a base state of I have gotten three with base stat of My friend has a leg armor with base stat of I have never seen another one of it.New to Shacknews?

Signup for a Free Account. A complete breakdown of Destiny 2 armor and its Mobility, Resilience, Recovery, Discipline, Intellect, and Strength stats in handy chart form. The armor in Destiny 2 has grown in complexity since the game first launched in Back then, players barely had any late-game stats to chase outside of armor perks.

This user has managed to collate the information from various sources, including user doormango and other YouTube channels, while also putting in their own research and suggestions. Armor in Destiny 2 is broken down into six key stats, with classes benefitting from one specific area for its Class Ability.

destiny 2 best stats

These stats are as follows:. What this means is that if a Hunter improves its Mobility stat, the cooldown of its Class Ability will be improved. Titans will need to improve Resilience and Warlocks must improve Recovery for their Class Ability cooldowns to be shorter. For the uninitiated, each piece of armor in Destiny 2 comes with points in the above stats Mobility, Resilience, Recovery etc.

The distribution of these points is random. The points from your Helmet, Gauntlets, Chest, and Boots are added together and displayed to the right of your Guardian on the character screen.

These points have a direct impact on the efficiency of the stats. For every 10 points in a given stat, that stat is increased one tier, from Tier 1 through to Tier At Points, a stat will be at Tier 10, so any points over are excess and a waste.

The following are the stat tiers in Destiny 2 for each of the three classes. Note that each class also benefits from a stat in one specific area. This stat will improve the cooldown time of its class ability Dodge, Barricade, or Rift.

Sunshot + Catalyst is NUTS in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

This is where a lot of subjectivity and preference comes into play. In saying this, there are some gold standards when it comes to sorting the wheat from the chaff. Building a set of armor with a Tier 10 slot and another that is above Tier 5 is going to take a lot of work. As for where to begin, first of all, you will likely want to focus your efforts on armor that has a point total of 60 or more.

This often allows enough room for one stat to have 20 points in it and another to have As an example, on this Holdfast Vest from Season of Arrivals below, you can see it has 67 total points, with 19 Intellect and 16 Mobility being its two highest stats.

This will limit how long it will be viable for use in PVE end-game content. Understanding the stat and tier system of the armor in Destiny 2 is going to greatly help you reach a whole new end-game.

Destiny 2 Beginners Guide

Once this system does click, you will find yourself looking at the point breakdown of armor first, before you even consider its Power. Take some look over the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for even more tips as well as assistance from the community at large. Hailing from the land down under, Sam Chandler is relatively new to the industry, getting his start a few years ago as a writer-for-hire. After bouncing round a few universities, securing a bachelor degree, and finding his feet, he's found his new family here at Shacknews as a Guides Editor.

There's nothing he loves more than crafting a guide that will help someone.Destiny 2 is a great game. It has amazing gameplay, it does come from the creators of Halo, and includes hundreds of things to do and chase. As a looter shooter, Destiny 2 is both a first-person shooter and an MMO. Problem is, Bungie may have created a great game with enormous potential, yet they have done a poor job at introducing new players to said game.

They have plans to improve this with the release of Beyond Light, but in the meantime, thousands of new players give up on this amazing experience because they are quickly overwhelmed. On top of being a huge game with a lot of systems, destinations, and game modes, Destiny 2 has also changed a lot since it was first released in Destiny 2 may be a great game, but it desperately needs a few basic features. Namely, a better inventory manager and an in-game group finder.

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This massive database includes every weapon and armor piece that exists in Destiny 2, but on top of that, is the best PVP stat tracker available. Find all the essential apps and tools for Destiny 2 players on our dedicated page. PS: Planets highlighted in red will be removed from the game on November 10th, Each planet is full of activities you can participate in, either solo or in a Fireteam.

Entire paragraphs could be written to properly explain each and every one of those activities. There is a dedicated section explaining how you can upgrade your gear and get the best items in the game.

Example: Take out your solar sniper when you see a solar shield! In parallel, there are 3 different types of ammo in the game. More on that later. As can be expected, Special weapons are much more powerful than Primary weapons, but Special ammo is harder to find. Heavy weapons are even more powerful, but Heavy ammo is even rarer. Pro tip : Always carry a Special weapon alongside your Primary weapon, as Special weapons deal much damage.

You may feel overwhelmed by the several planets and activities in the game already. To launch the campaign, simply head over to the Tower and go to Amanda Holiday. Her exact location can be seen below:.

All MMOs have grindy leveling systems and Destiny 2 is no different. This means that you should always pay attention to the Power Level of the gear you find. If something has a higher Power Level on a specific slot Heavy, helmet, etc than what you already have, keep it until you find something higher.

This includes Blue gear, which is otherwise useless outside of leveling up.OR Have a Bungie. Most Popular PvP Weapons. Gnawing Hunger. Dire Promise. Felwinter's Lie.

Meta provided by Charlemange warmind. View your Subclass, Loadout and performance in your last crucible matches. Your daily KD history tracking starts automatically as soon as you enter the crucible. As we track per character not grouped account wide, Start by searching the player, When the profile loads, switch character using the in the top left corner. The last active character will always load first. Yes, you can change to Destiny 1 stat by using the left or right arrows at the top of this page.

To switch back to Destiny 2 stats, hit the arrows again. Some players mainly PC will find it difficult to locate their guardian, this is because of an issue with the Bungie API. It happens when a display name has been changed, contains special characters or the name is popular.

destiny 2 best stats

Logging in with your Bungie. There's a feedback link at the bottom of each page, feel free to drop me a message or via Twitter DestinyKDcom. More FAQ can be found here.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Destiny 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. Nhyra View Profile View Posts. Showing 1 - 3 of 3 comments. For your elemental type on gear it makes no difference apart for what mods you can stick on. As for stats i guess it's different for what content you're doing. For PvE i'd probably try and max out my Discipline.

As for PvP I wouldn't be able to say. I think it would come down to preference, Resilience doesn't seem like it is worth to try and stack so the best you could do is just try and cap out your intellect and get short Super CD, to me pvp comes down to the gun you're using and if you are capable of aiming it. Last edited by Combat Carl ; 27 Oct, am. Verios44 View Profile View Posts. Ok, armor The first rule isnthat there is no perfect build.

First, read the discription for the various stats. The stats really come into play based on what your doing. Pvp, mobility and recovery maybe your best bet, in pve maybe its strength, etc. And to the mods, most armor pieces will have 1 - 5 points of dmg resistance before mods. Found on top right of the item card. The void, arc, solar resistance mods simply enhance that stat. Not sure if its percentage or not. You also have minor, major, and boss resistance mods.

Those are far more useful in my opinion and think of them as universal for whatever class of enemy is trying to ruin your day. I call the single-digits in stats "wasted points" because they aren't doing anything.With their majestic capes and well-designed Subclasses, it's easy to see why.

Hunters can offer a little bit of everything besides damage buffs to any squad. Even with their flexibility, some Subclass trees are worse than others.

destiny 2 best stats

It's by no means a terrible spec, but there are better options for both PvE and PvP. The Tempest Strike ability is solid when it works. This ability has a serious issue tracking targets and going over elevated terrain, making it nigh-useless in Crucible. For the bottom path for Arcstriders, Way of the Wind is a tree focused on gaining plenty of passive bonuses from staying aggressive and always on the brink of death.

Cooldown reduction is everywhere in this path, granting dodge cooldown on sprinting and ability cooldowns while a player's shields are broken. Clearing hordes of enemies is what this spec is made for, making it better suited for PvE than PvP. Chains of Woe is a solid passive to provide to allies, granting everyone nearby a reload speed bonus on a precision kill.

With the inclusion of Armor 2. Golden Gun lacks the raw damage of Way of the Sharpshooter, meaning it's great for clearing out groups of targets. This spec's explosive melee and rapid-firing Super make sure that any PvE crowd goes down quickly. For PvP, this is only worth considering if a player runs Young Ahamkara's Spine and focuses on using their abilities. Ironically, this Gunslinger tree has nothing to do with firing a weapon.

Melee is king with this tree, granting players a fan of burning knives that can deal precision damage. Burning enemies with these knives or an Incendiary Grenade will grant dodge cooldown, perfectly synergizing with Gambler's Dodge.

It has a great crowd-clearing Super and a solid melee ability, but this spec's neutral game and PvP potential are limited at best. This spec is fantastic in PvE, Gambit, and Crucible. Precision hits with this Gunslinger tree grant Super energy.

Since Golden Gun can deal precision damage with this spec, having a high-damage Super available all of the time is invaluable in any content. Better yet, precision kills grant noticeable stability and handling buffs that even buffs Golden Gun's damage if the buff exceeds 20 seconds when Golden Gun is cast. Top this off with a one-shot precision throwing knife and it's easy to see why Gunslingers tend to gravitate towards this tree.

While Way of a Thousand Cuts is a great melee tree, Way of the Warrior does the job better in almost every way and has health recovery to boot. Those that use Way of the Warrior will want to use Gambler's Dodge to gain their melee ability. Dodging increases a player's melee range, allowing them to kill a target from afar using only their fist.

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