New holland tc30 injection pump

Dealer Code Password. Filter Sort. Narrow Your Results. B LB LB B LB B LS B LS LS B LT Amps 12V. Amps Range. Arm Rest. Adjustable 5 No 11 Yes 7. Assembled in USA. Back Foam. Beam Style.

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Body Size. Captive Disc Spec. Casting Number. Clutch Diameter. Clutch Type. Springs 3 11" Dual Stage; 10 Spl. Traction Disc 1 12" Dual Stage; 10 Spl. Traction Disc 2 12" Dual Stage; 21 Spl. Hub 4 12" Single Stage; 25 Spl.Below you will find our discounted Ford New Holland injection pump catalog. If you're looking for other parts, you can search for a specific tractor part to save time, or browse through all of our Ford New Holland tractor parts on the Ford New Holland tractor parts page.

If you are looking for used parts you can request information on this from our used tractor parts page. We are always listing new tractor parts online for many different injection pump models, and parts not listed in the catalog yet may still be available by requesting a tractor part quote from us directly. See our Ordering Information page for information about ordering over the phone, and our current shipping and return policies. There is a core charge, will call with price.

This Ford rebuilt injection pump fits C. This Ford rebuilt injection pump fitsReplaces P This Ford rebuilt injection pump fits A, Replaces P There is a core charge, Will Call with price.

There is a core charge,will call with price. Will Call For a core charge. There is a core charge, will Call with price. This Ford rebuilt injection pump fitsReplaces P 9D.

There is a core charge. Will Call with price. This Ford rebuilt injection pump fitsReplaces PA. There is a core charge, Will Call With Price. There is a core charge, Will call with price. There is a core charge, Will Call With price. There is a core charge, Will Call with Price.

This Ford rebuilt injection pump fitsreplaces P This Ford rebuilt injection pump fitsReplaces TC Fuel Injection Pump? Rear View Backup Camera. Engines Misc. How much is your farm tractor worth? Find resale prices for tractors built from through today, with complete specifications and serial numbers.

Barbara Metcalf. Before I let the dealer just replace the injection pump on the TC, what options are there to clean, or rebuild it? There is no fuel pressure, all else in working order.

new holland tc30 injection pump

Shoulda taken a picture of the pump instead. Save youself the mark-up. MOST are pretty straight forward to replace OR possibly a solution. Mail me direct:. Kerry L. Tractor was running perfect when I parked it 3 weeks ago, started it today, after running 60 seconds, I noticed fuel coming out of the rubber hose coming from the top of the block. Upon pulling oil dipstick, the crankase was full of fuel diluted oil. I'm doubting this is an injector issue, as the tractor sounds perfect, with no missing or cutting out.

Mindy Forsythe. My husband is trying to repair a tractor for a friend. It will turn over, but not start. He bled the fuel injector lines and fuel is running into the lines. The problem is the pump. Is there a way to rebuild the pump, because we don't have the money for a new pump? If it can be rebuilt is there a video to show how to rebuild it?

Thank you and y'all have a great day.Forum Rules. Home Forums Reviews Articles Store. Homepage Today's Posts Search Register. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Results 1 to 9 of 9. NH TC30 injection pump removal and install?

I looked in my service manual and no mention of the timing, just remove then install. Anyone have ever removed that pump? Reply With Quote. Re: NH TC30 injection pump removal and install? I have not but the pump injector fuel distribution and metering is certainly timed.

They are all timed and meshed constantly. There is timing mark on the gear and the housing to line them up. If I were youI would put a witness mark on the pump housing and the engine block timing cover. You want to make sure that you do not movestart or jump the tractor to maintain same timing as you had previously.

On my i used scratch awl and dremel tool to put my witness mark if I ever need to do it. Attached Thumbnails. Last edited by JC-jetro; at PM. Ford2wd. I'd follow JC's advise but go through your service manual more carefully. There should be timing instructions in there. Just to clear the air. Thanks Mike for the help. The post office shows you will get it tomorrow, Monday. Attached Files P I found it in the service manual.

It is called spill timing, but since I will be installing the same pump that I toke off it should be correct as it is adjusted by the shim that is installed under the pump flange.Concepts apply to all TC-Series machines.

When a new filter is installed, engine oil typically decreases a little. Ensure that oil does not leak through the seal of the filter, then refill oil as needed. Change oil and filter after first 50 hours and every subsequent hours under normal conditions.

If operating under sever conditions change every 70 hours after the first change. Draining the Fuel Filter. Open fuel shutoff valve and allow it to flow until only fuel is flowing from the filter base, no water. Changing the Fuel Filter. Replace fuel filter after the first 50 hours of use, and then after every subsequent hours.

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Changing the Air Cleaner Elements. Put a light inside the element to check for paper leaks or for the bonding of the paper to the end plate if leaks are found, replace element. Clean outer element after every hours of service. Inspect the inner element by placing a light inside the element. If little or no light shines through the element it is partially clogged. Push outer element over the top of the inner element and clamp air cleaner cover into place. Change inner element after every hours or every third outer element change, whichever comes first.

Replace hydraulic filter after first 50 hours and then after every subsequent hours.

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Take out filler plug and fill with NH hydraulic oil to correct level on dipstcik. Bleeding the Fuel System. Crank engine until air-free fuel flows from each connection do not crank engine continuously for more than 30 seconds. Changing Clutch Housing Oil. Drain oil from check plug opening. Fill with NH hydraulic oil through the check plug hole. Oil is full when oil level is at the bottom of the opening for the check plug.

Reinstall check plug and clutch assembly. Oil should be checked after every 50 hours and changed after every hours. Changing the Power Steering Oil. Oil drains best when engine is at operating temperature, but not hot. Take out drain plug to drain oil.

new holland tc30 injection pump

Apply a small amount of oil to the rubber seal of the new filter. Tighten filter until it touches the mounting surface. Power steering oil needs to be changed after every hours of use. Wheel Bolt Torque. Check wheel bolts regularly as follows:.

Front wheel torque 90 ft pounds. Rear wheel torque ft pounds. Lubrication Fittings. Grease the following points after every 50 hours or more if operating under extremely dirty conditions. Front wheel spindles 2WD.Formed in 1948 and based in Yorkshire, UK Timeform are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Paddy Power Betfair plc.

Ford New Holland Injection Pumps

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New Holland Tractor Parts

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Fuel Injector Pump TC35DA

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new holland tc30 injection pump

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