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Vitamin K2 has recently gained popularity in smaller health circles for its many benefits. But are all Vitamin K2 supplements the same? As a long term approach, I always recommend that my patients aim to get Vitamin K2 from food sources. However, one problem with MK-4 K2 may be that it has a short plasma half-life. Does that mean that Vitamin K2 MK-4 supplements are less effective? Probably not.

The Vitamin K2 Supplement Guide: The Benefits, MK4 vs MK7 and More!

Therefore, the short plasma half-life of MK-4 supplements does not make them less beneficial. MK-4 is stored in the arteries, pancreas and even salivary glands. The Vitamin K2 MK-7 is derived from bacteria.

It is more likely to reach the bones and liver. The trans isomer is found in nature. CIS is not thought to be found in nature, so it might have a different action in the body. If you get your K2 from foodsthen great — this does not apply to you.

No, K1 is not critical to have K1 in a supplement. Most adults are not K1 deficient. Even consuming very small amounts of green leafy vegetables or vegetable oils can provide you with ample K1.

Vitamin K2 MK-4 has not revealed any established toxicity syndrome or risk of serious side effects. Nevertheless, the biochemistry of Vitamin K suggests that unnecessarily high doses could rob the body of antioxidants or interfere with blood sugar regulation, insulin sensitivity, and hormonal health.

This is critical if you are taking prescription anticoagulants such as warfarin : The most common anticoagulants used in medicine are warfarin, Coumadin, and other brands of 4-hydroxycoumarins. These anticoagulant drugs stop K1 recycling to keep the blood very thin.

Taking these drugs keep you in an artificially K1 and K2 deficient state. Population-based studies and clinical trials have linked K-vitamin status in children to the creation of strong and healthy bones. A study published in showed that improving Vitamin-K status in children over a 2-year period resulted in stronger and denser bones.

One year later, the same group of researchers showed that in healthy, pre-pubertal children, modest supplementation with Vitamin K2 MK-7 had increased activated bone forming osteocalcin. In a published study, researchers tested blood samples collected from healthy volunteers, a group composed of 42 children and 68 adults. The researchers found that those children and adults with the most pronounced Vitamin K2 deficiency showed the highest responses to supplementation with MK Children and adults above the age of 40 years showed the largest Vitamin K2 deficiencyand accordingly may benefit from MK-7 supplementation to improve their Vitamin K2 status.

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Between mcg per day is considered a standard dose. Dosages up to mcg per day for certain conditions may be necessary. Norwegian, American or Japanese-made K2 are preferable due to higher quality standards — call the company and enquire about the source of the material.

Take your Vitamin K2 supplement with your dinner that includes dietary fat or at bedtime, 8 to 12 hours after you take your Vitamin D3. Most people take their D3 with breakfast and K2 at dinner time and this seems sensible, as some research shows that D3 is more effective if not taken at the same time as K2.

The capsules are soy free and come in 90 capsule packs.Did you know that vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 are different types of vitamin K? Read on to learn the difference between K1 and K2, the benefits of vitamin K2, and how to incorporate K2-rich foods into your diet.

Vitamin K1 and K2 share the same chemical ring structure but have varying side chain lengths. Vitamin K2 forms have polyunsaturated tails with anywhere from four to 11 carbon groups and are called menaquinones, MK-4 through MK MK-4 is found mostly from animal sources, while fermented vegetables are the main source of MK Vitamin K is a cofactor of the enzyme vitamin K carboxylase.

In short, vitamin K helps add a carbon dioxide to a protein, giving it a negative charge and thereby allowing it to bind to positively charged calcium.

Vitamin K2 and the Heart. Does it help? The evidence and how I use K2

Vitamin K1 is preferentially used by the liver to activate blood-clotting proteins. Humans appear to have a unique preference for MK All animals convert every type of vitamin K into vitamin K2 MK The human placenta preferentially transports MK-4 over vitamin K1 across it, 3 and mammary tissue is the most efficient human tissue at converting vitamin Ks to MK-4, 4 further demonstrating its importance for humans.

In blood vessels, three vitamin K-dependent proteins, matrix Gla protein MGPGas6, and protein S, help prevent calcification and inflammation. It should follow, then, that vitamin K intake decreases heart disease risk.

The Rotterdam study found that in men followed for more than 15 years, the highest intake of vitamin K2 was associated with lower risks of severe aortic calcification, cardiovascular disease, and cardiovascular disease mortality. Vitamin K-dependent osteocalcin binds calcium to deposit in bone. MGP limits the sizes of calcium phosphate crystals to properly fit them into the bone matrix.

Japanese postmenopausal women who consumed the most natto, the richest food source of vitamin K2, had less bone loss over time.

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In one year, only 5 to 10 percent of bone is renewed in adults. Our kidneys have high concentrations of vitamin K2, which is used to activate MGP to remove calcium and prevent kidney stones from developing.

A vast majority of the vitamin K found in the human brain is vitamin K2. Specifically, both prostate male only and lung cancers were reduced in those who consumed the highest levels of vitamin K2. When these two cancer types were removed from the analysis, vitamin K2 intake still correlated with lower overall cancer risk. When bone is resorbed, vitamin K-dependent osteocalcin is released into the serum in an undercarboxylated form. In mice with metabolic syndrome, vitamin K2 treatment normalized blood glucose and also reduced anxiety and depression.

The benefits of vitamin K2 are myriad and extend well beyond this article, including dental health, growth and development, and healthy skin. As mentioned earlier, animals do have the ability to convert vitamin K1 to vitamin K2 MK-4, but the conversion rates vary widely. Regardless, most people are deficient in vitamin K, hence infants in the United States are given a shot of vitamin K1 at birth to aid blood clotting.But you may not know that its name actually refers to a group of several vitamins that provide health benefits far beyond helping your blood clot.

This article will review the differences between the two main forms of vitamin K found in the human diet: vitamin K1 and vitamin K2. Vitamin K was accidentally discovered in the s and s after restricted diets in animals led to excessive bleeding 1. Although there are several different types of vitamin K, the two most often found in the human diet are vitamin K1 and vitamin K2.

How to Choose the Right Vitamin K2 Supplement

Vitamin K1, also called phylloquinone, is mostly found in plant foods like leafy green vegetables. Vitamin K2 is found in fermented foods and animal products, and is also produced by gut bacteria. It has several subtypes called menaquinones MKs that are named by the length of their side chain. They range from MK-4 to MK Vitamin K1 is produced by plants. It is the predominant form of vitamin K found in the human diet.

Vitamin K2 Deficiency Effects on Your Smile

The following list includes several foods that are high in vitamin K1. Each value represents the amount of vitamin K1 in 1 cup of the cooked vegetable 3. One subtype, MK-4, is found in some animal products and is the only form not produced by bacteria. Chicken, egg yolks and butter are good sources of MK MK-5 through MK are forms of vitamin K2 with longer side chains. They are produced by bacteria and often found in fermented foods. Nattoa popular Japanese dish made from fermented soybeans, is particularly high in MK Additionally, a recent study discovered several pork products contain vitamin K2 as MK and MK 4.

The vitamin K2 content for 3. The main function of all types of vitamin K is to activate proteins that serve important roles in blood clotting, heart health and bone health.

However, because of differences in absorption and transport to tissues throughout the body, vitamin K1 and K2 could have profoundly different effects on your health. In general, the vitamin K1 found in plants is poorly absorbed by the body. Less is known about the absorption of vitamin K2. Yet experts believe that because K2 is often found in foods that contain fat, it may be better absorbed than K1 2.

This is because vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin.

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Fat-soluble vitamins are much better absorbed when eaten with dietary fat. Where vitamin K1 may stay in the blood for several hours, some forms of K2 can remain in the blood for days 8.

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Some researchers believe that the longer circulation time of vitamin K2 allows it to be better used in tissues located throughout the body. Vitamin K1 is primarily transported to and used by the liver 9. These differences are crucial to identifying the different roles vitamin K1 and K2 play in the body.

The next sections investigate this topic further. Studies investigating the health benefits of vitamin K have suggested that it may benefit blood clotting, bone health and heart health. Several proteins involved in blood clotting depend on vitamin K to get their job done.

Blood clotting may sound like a bad thing, and sometimes it is.Shitty Advice. Forums New posts. What's new New posts Latest activity. Members Registered members Current visitors. Log in Register. What's new.

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I am on day 3 now. So far the benefits that are obvious: - Less stress - Placebo of bigger wrists I measured on day 1 but will measure at the end of it again - Bones hurt way less. My bones feel strong - Bones on my face have lost sensitivity when bonesmashing. Even on front zygos most of the time that hurts a lot Will triple my dose today Might triple it multiple times if benefits are clear.

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That's not enough k2. Joined Nov 4, Messages Reputation 1. Ur fkin deluded and ur megadose wont do shit. Yh u need healthy levels of vitamin D its important but megadosing it wont do crap for u. ChickenWings Normie.Shitty Advice. Forums New posts. What's new New posts Latest activity. Members Registered members Current visitors. Log in Register.

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We already know that Vitamin D increases Calcium absorption and we know how K2 redirects that calcium to bones. Joined Nov 9, Messages 26, Reputation But I don't want to risk calcification of soft tissue so I need K2 lel. And btw more calcium to the bone means thicker bones. I can't control where it goes tho but I hope my face.

Joined Sep 26, Messages Reputation 0. Joined Jan 2, Messages Reputation Its cope. Joined Jan 24, Messages Reputation Jasons Incel. Joined Oct 25, Messages Reputation You have to laugh at people who claim their zygos got bigger from megadosing K2.

Note how it's only "looksmax" bones that are claimed to have grown. Cheekbones, brow ridge, jaw, wrists etc. Note how it's never bones for which an increase in size would be undesirable, e. Funny that isn't it. The zygos get aesthetically bigger but the hip bone stays the same size.

How convenient!If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. How this works. Vitamin K is an essential vitamin that supports blood clotting and healthy bones. It occurs in two forms, K-1 and K Vitamin K-1 is the primary form, and it mainly comes from leafy green vegetables. Vitamin K-2 occurs in animal proteins and fermented foods.

What to know about vitamin K-2

The bacteria in the human gut also produce small quantities of K In this article, we discuss vitamin K-2, its functions, and how it differs from K We also describe dietary sources, health benefits, the recommended daily intake, deficiency symptoms, and supplements.

Vitamin K refers to a family of fat-soluble vitamins that the body needs to produce a protein called prothrombin, which promotes blood clotting and regulates bone metabolism. The body needs both types of vitamin K to produce prothrombin, a protein that plays crucial roles in blood clotting, bone metabolism, and heart health. Vitamin K also helps facilitate energy production in the mitochondria of cells.

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Vitamin K-1 is primarily involved in blood coagulation. K-2 may have a more diverse range of functions in the body. In a long-term study involving 36, participants, researchers observed an association. However, the authors concluded that K-1 had no effect on PAD risk. Vitamin K has antioxidant properties. It protects cellular membranes from damage due to excess free radicals, in a process known as peroxidation.

Blood thinning medication, such as warfarin, can lower the antioxidative potential of vitamin K. Vitamins K-1 and K-2 have different chemical structures.

Both types have a phytyl side chain, but K-2 also has isoprenoid side chains. K-2 has several subtypes, called menaquinones MKswhich scientists have numbered MK-4 through MK, based on the length of their side chains. K-1 is the primary form of the vitamin, and it is mainly present in leafy green vegetables.Vitamin K was discovered in as an essential nutrient for blood coagulation blood clotting.

It was also discovered by the dentist Weston Price, who travelled the world in the early 20th century studying the relationship between diet and disease in different populations.

He found that the non-industrial diets were high in some unidentified nutrient, which seemed to provide protection against tooth decay and chronic disease. There are two main forms of vitamin K:. Vitamin K2 can be further divided into several different subtypes, the most important ones being MK-4 and MK Vitamin K activates proteins that play a role in blood clotting, calcium metabolism and heart health.

One of its most important functions is to regulate calcium deposition. In other words, it promotes the calcification of bones and prevents the calcification of blood vessels and kidneys 34. Some scientists have suggested that the roles of vitamins K1 and K2 are quite different, and many feel that they should be classified as separate nutrients altogether. This idea is supported by an animal study showing that vitamin K2 MK-4 reduced blood vessel calcification whereas vitamin K1 did not 5.

Controlled studies in people also observe that vitamin K2 supplements generally improve bone and heart health, while vitamin K1 has no significant benefits 6. However, more human studies are needed before the functional differences between vitamins K1 and K2 can be fully understood. Calcium build-up in the arteries around your heart is a huge risk factor for heart disease 789.

Vitamin K is believed to help by preventing calcium from being deposited in your arteries However, keep in mind that the above studies are observational studies, which cannot prove cause and effect.

The few controlled studies that have been conducted used vitamin K1, which seems to be ineffective Still, there is a highly plausible biological mechanism for its effectiveness and strong positive correlations with heart health in observational studies. As mentioned above, vitamin K2 plays a central role in the metabolism of calcium — the main mineral found in your bones and teeth. Vitamin K2 activates the calcium-binding actions of two proteins — matrix GLA protein and osteocalcin, which help to build and maintain bones 14 Interestingly, there is also substantial evidence from controlled studies that K2 may provide major benefits for bone health.

A 3-year study in postmenopausal women found that those taking vitamin K2 supplements had much slower decreases in age-related bone mineral density Long-term studies in Japanese women have observed similar benefits — though very high doses were used in these cases.

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